Panther catalog Amano Yoshitaka

Panther catalogArtist Takayoshi Amano

The PANTHER original leaflet -Special set include 11 large format cards
Yoshitaka Amano made only one object as his art works. It is the PANTHER, very big object.
It made by resin,4,000mm width,1,400height and 400kg weight.
It is a cyborg with black panther as its theme. Amano has painted the panther several times since the early years.

He ordered the mock-up to the man made BUGATTI moc k-up. He gave The PANTHER functional design like a machine and perfect proportion.
It is the most important work for Amano, and was exhibited at l’Opéra in 2009.
This is new leaflet of The PANTHER. It is cards for display printed new photographs.
More than anything,this leaflet come with the Purchase rights of The PANTHER,real one.
We only have the sale rights by contract with Amano.
First,you must get this leaflet, please imagine you would have gotten The PANTHER,really the most valuable art works in the world.

Artist Takayoshi Amano Since the 1990s Amano has been creating and exhibiting paintings featuring his iconic retro pop icons in galleries around the world, primarily painting on aluminium box panels with acrylic and automotive paint.
He is a 5 time winner of the Seiun Award, and also won the 1999 Bram Stoker Award for his collaboration with Neil Gaiman, Sandman: The Dream Hunters.


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